Video Production Services

As the need for fresh content increases, video is becoming an increasingly important part of a company’s media mix. Video tells a story quickly, authentically and with authority. Its value is extended through SEO, sharing and in-house use.

The SWM Content Studio will produce your video, air it on our website, edit it for use on social media and finally, give the video to you to share with your customers, your publicist and employees.



The Process

Step One: We learn about what you’d like the world to know about your product or service. How do you differ from the competition? What makes you special? What do you need to communicate and to whom?

Step Two: Once we’ve established a basic definition of assignment, we’ll share our insights with you. We’ll propose a video strategy and creative direction. And we’ll tell you how much it will cost.

SmartWork Media video productions are created in professional studios using state-of-the-art equipment.

Step Three: After everyone is onboard with our direction, we’ll execute the project. We’ll write the script, scout the locations, and hire talent when necessary. Then we’ll shoot whatever original footage we need. In post-production, we’ll polish the video until we’re both happy with the results.

Step Four: Now we’re ready to get your story in front of the world. And this is where it’s handy to be a part of a media empire (☺). We can recommend a number of ways to show and distribute your video on our websites, in our e-blasts and through our social media channels. We’ll also supply you with all the materials you need to maximize the video’s reach outside of SWM’s channels, providing you with stills, edited video “bites,” as well as the original video in .mov and MP4 file formats. Once your video is showcased, we’ll share the results so you’ll be able to measure its ROI.

SmartWork Media Content Studio creates fresh, customized content for business that tells your story. Whether it’s with print, video or social media, we build campaigns that stand out from the crowd to attract and engage your target markets. After all, market knowledge is market power. And no one knows its markets like SmartWork Media. With over 100 publishing awards for excellence, SWM has the experience and creative chops to engage and inspire audiences in industries as diverse as fine jewelry, eyewear and pet products. Our team of experienced writers, designers, videographers, web developers and project managers stand ready to take your project from inception to lead generation quickly and creatively. And with our print, online and e-distribution products, your integrated, creative campaign is guaranteed to be seen in all the right places.

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