Build Your Brand with a Sponsored Content Advertorial

Want to control your company or product story? Or market something that seems too complicated to explain with an ad? A targeted advertorial gives you the benefit of combining information with a measurable call to action. Choose from one of two options: Allow us to create content for your individual project, or supply us with camera-ready artwork. Here’s how it works: 

SmartWork Media-Produced Content: As the client, you are paired with a project manager and a writer to identify your content goals.  After the initial briefing, we produce material for review. You edit the copy in initial and preceding drafts, correcting and validating the story until approval. After securing layout requirements and artwork, provided by you or coordinated from our files, we return with a completed layout. Once approved, you decide whether to place it “run of book” or within a specific section.

Client-Supplied Content: You supply us with a print advertorial. The words, “Sponsored Content” must appear near the top margin. Simply follow our print advertising guidelines for production specifications. Please note: The advertorial layout is subject to approval by our editorial department.

 Requirements per Page 

  • Up to 500 words (maximum) including headlines, call-outs, captions and body copy
  • 3-5 high-resolution images (300 DPI or greater, preferably sized at 6” x 4”)
  • Company logo (EPS, TIF or PDF) file, 300 DPI or greater
  • Corporate identity guidelines (fonts, color palette)
  • Call to action information (800 number, email address, URL)
  • Corporate info: Address, phone


Many clients choose to promote the print version of their advertorial in our magazines’ websites:, INVISIONMAG.COM and We can easily transform any print advertorial into an online version. Or, we can create the material for online use only. As with print, you approve the copy and layout.