78% of American eyecare professionals say they enjoy reading INVISION more than the five other major eyecare industry publications.

Top of the Stack

Your advertising message is important. Make sure it’s delivered with INVISION – the magazine American eyecare professionals reach for before any other industry publication.

As an advertiser, there’s only one place you want to be in the stack — and that’s at the very top. Promoting your product or service in the magazine that’s being picked up, read attentively, and used over and over again. What is the major difference between the top of the stack and everything underneath? In the stack are magazines you want to read. And at the top is the one you must read.

Most eyecare professionals receive scads of printed material. Consumer magazines, manufacturer catalogs, assocation quarterlies, trade magazines … week after week, month after month, year after year.

Inevitably, these end up in a configuration called “the stack.” You know the stack — in fact, you’ve probably got one of your own. You also know that materials placed in the stack are usually put there with the best of intentions. “OK, I’ll get to this later,” you say, or “Will definitely read this when I have a little time …”

But you know what happens? Life happens. Work beckons, days pass, more magazines arrive, the stack gets bigger, and finally, one fine day, you look at your stack with a grimace and say, “Geez, I’ve really gotta throw out these old magazines.”

Since launching in 2014, INVISION has quickly established itself as the premier must-read publication for more than 30,000 eyecare professionals across America. This year, eyecare professionals put us at the very top of the stack — voting us the publication they pick up first, value most, read cover to cover, and otherwise couldn’t do without. In addition, our fast-growing, content-rich website has also risen quickly to the top of the stack.

It’s a position we’re honored to hold. And one we know we have to work hard to earn every single issue. Top of the stack — that’s where you’ll find INVISION.