76% of American jewelry retailers say they would read INSTORE before any rival publication if they all arrived in the mail at the same time.

Inspiring America's Jewelers

In the first days of 2002, the first issue of INSTORE magazine was delivered to more than 20,000 American jewelry store owners.

The magazine’s stated goal was simple: Give readers one idea per issue they would use. That means one concept per issue read, liked and actually implemented in their stores. While the goal may have seemed modest, it was anything but. Inspiring people to action is a difficult task. It requires a convincing manner. It requires tough judgments on what will work and what won’t. But most of all, it requires trust.

The idea of INSTORE — practical, actionable advice in a package that isn’t a chore to read — helped us earn trust with a small group of jewelers immediately. These passionate early adopters were the secret of the magazine’s success — spreading word of a magazine that finally understood the way real jewelry stores worked.

That was 14 years ago. And, issue by issue (and idea by idea) we have built both our business and the businesses of tens of thousands of jewelers around the country.

We like to think that we’ve created something more than a monthly magazine. What we’ve really created is a tradition of improvement for American jewelry store owners — a monthly commitment to doing things just a little bit better than the previous month. And that’s a tradition we’re proud to continue.