Dave Rabellino of Artful Eye Jewelry Design Center in Prescott, AZ, points out his favorite jewelry publication — INSTORE.

Raves Continue for "Best Jewelry Magazine Ever"

Love. It’s a word that comes up a lot when jewelers talk about INSTORE magazine. (Sometimes, it even comes up two or three times.) That word’s frequent use indicates just how strongly readers feel about our innovative publication — a passion rarely seen in the field of business magazines. Ready to feel some of the love yourself? Start your ad program in INSTORE today.

I find INSTORE to be the best publication related to the jewelry industry today. It is always full of useful information and interesting articles. If you're in the jewelry industry and not reading INSTORE, you're doing your business great a disservice. –Eric Stevens, Stevens Diamond Jewelers, West Springfield, MA

I love this publication! Something for everyone! – Sara Horwitz, Holland Jewelers, Lewes, DE

Joining the Brain Squad has been immensely helpful! It brings exciting new ideas and changes that customers are loving! We now use the surveys to open store meetings and bounce around ideas. –Linda McEathron, Design House, Waco, TX

I really appreciate INSTORE Magazine; thanks for all the great reads. –Richard Veader, Wakefield Jewelers, Wakefield, MA

I love the humor you infuse in your magazine. Also, the truly good ideas that you share are helpful. I hope you’ll repeat yourself because seriously, where good ideas and inspiration are shared, light bulbs go off in our minds and we change things bit by bit for the better. And a great idea three years ago that went over our head can now roost and percolate and birth a better business element. I love to be inspired and you do that. Monthly. –Calla Gold, Calla Gold Jewelry, Santa Barbara, CA

Just read your magazine. Love getting it and reading all the great stories. –Teddie Gause, Gause & Son Jewelers, Ocala, FL

I like your story choice. I like to learn and be entertained. – Ernie Cummings, Kizer Cummings Jewelers, Lawrence, KS

Keep up the good work. I love reading about the day to day challenges of other jewelers. –Joseph Villarreal, Villarreal Fine Jewelers, Austin, TX

Thank you for a wonderful publication. I absolutely love INSTORE. –Andrea Riso, Talisman Collection, El Dorado Hills, CA

We love INSTORE magazine. We use many of the articles in our monthly meetings and the Coolest Store issues are constant inspirations when we are trying to update our showcases or store decor. Thanks for all of the effort you put into making a relevant and entertaining magazine. – Rick Sanders, Sanders Jewelers, Gainesville, FL

Time and time again I open the magazine to find something inspiring or just some good business tips, and when I think every topic is already covered you come out with something that helps our store strive! – Shannon Jackson, Phoenix Jewellers, Windsor, ON

Great magazine- the absolute leader in the industry! – Gary Youngberg, Ames Silversmithing, Inc., Ames, IA

Took a hiatus from my business to run for political office, and the best way to catch back up is with INSTORE! P.S. I also won the election. :-) – Allison Love, Allison Love’s Fine Jewelry, Rock Hill, SC

You remain the one pertinent publication in this industry, for me. Thank you! – Steven Wardle, Forest Beach Design, Chatham, MA

Love the magazine! Obviously written by people who have been there! We put it on the lunch table and often read articles to each other, knowing that the other person has been faced with this problem before, and would be interested in the ideas mentioned in the article! – Greg Brooks, Benchmark Jewelers, Leavenworth, WA

Great magazine! Highly informative and resourceful! — Teri Vogan, Vogan Gold & Silver Works, Colorado Springs, CO

Time and time again, I open the magazine to find something inspiring or just some good business tips, and when I think every topic is already covered, you come out with something that helps our store thrive! – Shannon Jackson, Phoenix Jewellers, Windsor, ON

It's terrific!!!! — Ragnar Bertelsen, Ragnar Jewellers, Vancouver, BC

Because of the incredible stories and innovations I read about in your magazine, I am constantly spinning my thoughts around change and new directions. Thank you for putting those ideas in my head and helping me dream! – Susan Eisen, Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry & Watches, El Paso, TX

The “Mavericks” issue [from December] spoke to us ... we are there! We love your pulse and various outlets of sharing/engaging so we can excel in our talent areas, industry needs and career goals. Thank you, INSTORE! – Jill Keith, Enchanted Jewelry, Danielson, CT

Your magazine is the most informative magazine in our industry! We use it to teach and to show and train our staff. The surveys are very beneficial and should be used by many independent jewelers. I can't say enough about what we learn from your magazine. Looking forward to all the issues in 2018. Happy new year to everyone! – Newt Starnes, Newton’s Jewelry, Flowood, MS

I grew my business on the details of savvy comments, hard earned advice and professional insight I found in the pages of INSTORE. Invest in your business, take the time to read INSTORE and share it with your staff. — Denise Oros, Linnea Jewelers, La Grange, IL

INSTORE is a great resource to keep current, share ideas and train newbies to our industry. Keep up the great work. We look forward to every issue!!! — Katherine Lesse, Abracadabra Jewelry, Ann Arbor, MI

This current issue with how to get to the next level is THE BEST issue yet! I read and practically highlighted the entire magazine to share with employees! We will have our class this week about the articles. – Christine Matlack, E.G. Landis Jewelers, Boyertown, PA

Thanks for your great email updates. I love the magazine (and think the visuals are wonderful and applicable to today) but your emails are where I read the articles. — Hannah Simmler, Hannah Field J+S, Brunswick, ME

I loved the last issue especially the part about downsizing to $1,000,000 and loving it! After I finished reading it cover to cover on a flight, I wrote down 25 things to follow up, consider, or inquire about. You are a true gem and I couldn't live without your "out of the box" information! Thanks for being so "with it" and making us think about all there is in the jewelry business. – Susan Eisen, Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry & Watches, El Paso, TX

Thank you, INSTORE for helping the small family jeweler with great overall information. – Frank Salinardi Linardi's Jewelers, Plantation, FL

Fantastic June issue. — John E. Thompson, Shabree Jewelers, Sheboygan, WI

Your magazine is the best of the industry.
– Jose Katz, Jewelry Specialty by Katz, Birmingham, AL

You always do such a great job! – Marta Jones-Couch, Elements Ltd., Des Moines, IA

INSTORE really helps put into perspective that most Jewelry businesses are having to continue to fight the fight! It's not easy but continues to be very rewarding! – Frank Salinardi, Linardi's Jewelers, Plantation, FL

I really enjoy the online articles in between issues. It helps tide me over until next month! Keep it up. We love INSTORE! – Morgan Bartel, Susann’s Custom Jewelers, Corpus Christi, TX

You guys are the coolest of the cool! – Shannon Lorenz, Michael and Son's Jewelry Co, Reno, NV

I just want to say hats off to your magazine for bring us the hottest news of the industry every month — us little single operator/creator/owner stores across the business really appreciate you ! – Pamela Hecht, Pamations, Calumet, MI

Keep up the great work. – Joe Donlon, Donlon's Quality Time, Ventura, CA

Always a great read. We need help with the transition from the floor to the on line customer. —Marc Solomon, Solomons Fine Jewelry, Plainview, NY

Love the publication and always find material that I can incorporate in our daily business.
— Chris Wright, Diamond Rush Jewelers, Hendersonville, NC

Thank you so very much for an amazing publication that keeps us in touch with information from the trade and how other store are doing. — Alisha Moore, Toner Jewelers, Overland Park, KS

"So excited for the Cool Store issue! We all drool over the amazing things other stores are doing." — Jennifer Farnes, Revolution Jewelry Works,Colorado Springs, CO

"The magazine just keeps on getting better. I love it and it has been a major help in getting my store off the ground. Thank you for doing all that you do." — Andrea Riso, Talisman Collection, El Dorado Hills, CA

I hired a new young lady to work in the store. She had never worked in the jewelry business, so the first thing I did was give her a stack of INSTOREs to read and find things she liked and could learn from. We will work this way for about a month more.
— Connie Thurmond, Connie & V. Cross Jewelers, Bossier City, LA

"When INSTORE magazine arrives it is as if I have received a personal letter. I stop what I am doing and read it cover to cover. Now perhaps that seems crazy but I consider INSTORE to be a reliable resource to be considered when gaining insight on any given subject from great business articles to marketing trends. INSTORE is the right magazine for me!" — Rita Wade, Wade Designs Jewelry, Rocky Mount, NC

"INSTORE is amazing. In 31 years of owning a retail store, I have never seen a magazine like yours. It's very real." — Drew Cowit, Jewelry Design Gallery, Monmouth County, NJ

"We LOVE Instore! Thank you for creating a magazine specifically for the smart jeweler. Keep up the great work!" — Bailey Luthi, Rebekah Brooks Jewelry, Cambridge, MA

"Best jewelry magazine ever." — Mark Clodius, Clodius & Co., Rockford, IL

 "Always the best of the trade magazines." — Ira Kramer, Diamond Exchange of North Florida, Tallahassee, FL

"Love your magazine, best of all of them!" — Susan Shapiro, Goldstein Jewelers, Tenafly, NJ

"It truly has evolved into a must-have publication. Keep up the great work." — Lee Fruzza, Lee's Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, Reno, NV

"My staff and I love this magazine! It's always interesting to see where it winds up when the new one arrives. I never know if it will be on my husband's desk, the employee's desk or my own! Thanks INSTORE, for all you do for us!" — Kathleen Tucker, Tucker Diamonds & Gold, Campbellsville, KY

"Thank you for the great job your staff does every month. You have been getting it right over and over again. Many trade magazines fade, but you have kept the edge. You have been able to keep a light side, while offering great advice from some of the industry’s best." — SCOTT KELLY, JEMS JEWELS & GOLD, NORTH WALES, PA

"Thank you for all that you do to help the jewelry industry. We couldn’t live without you!" — HOLLY MCHONE, HOLLY MCHONE JEWELERS, ASTORIA, OR

"Love the bridal issue (INSTORE, September). I’m probably going to go through it two or three more times. I want to make sure I get everything."  — LINDA GRIFFITHS, HOOVER’S JEWELERS, KEARNEY, NE

“I always read my INSTORE magazine cover to cover. It is an industry must-read.” — Sami Jack, Sami Fine Jewelry, Fountain Hills, AZ

"Best magazine in the jewelry industry." — DAN DOLBY, JEWELRY DEPOT, BRIGHTON, MI


"Truly the outstanding publication of the jewelry industry! I read it cover to cover!" — CHUCK CURRAN, HADLEY ROMA-HIRSCH, CHARLOTTE, NC

"INSTORE is my favorite trade magazine. There are so many trade magazines out there that no one can possibly read all of them. However, I make sure I read each and every edition of INSTORE and in so doing, I feel assured that I am staying on top of the most important issues concerning our industry. It is not only informative but it is easy to read and enjoyable. I love your magazine." — CHARLENE ROBUCK, ROEBUCK JEWELERS, TOPEKA, KS

"Your magazine backs up all that we were and still is in our business of 35 years. Seems we are still doing some things right. All in all, a great teaching and informative magazine. Keep up the great work!!!"  — ANGELA DEFELIPPI, MONARCH JEWELERS, FARMINGTON, CT

"We love your magazine. It’s by far the most informative and enjoyable in the industry. We always find lots of information to use in our store." — SUE MELTON, DIAMOND DEN, MACOMB, IL

“Congrats on winning the best trade magazine. I knew you were good, I just didn’t know how you stacked up against the rest.”
— Brian McCall, Midwest Jewelers and Estate Buyers, Zionsville, IN

"I love the magazine and read it cover to cover each issue." — BOB STAGG, SK INC., HOUSTON, TX

"I couldn’t live without it!" — DEVIN MULLEN, YOUR JEWELRY BOX, ALTOONA, PA


"We read this magazine first, front to back … and LOVE it! Great work, great articles, interesting view points and love the fashion-forward designs/styles." — Sheila Tompkins, Tompkins Jewelers, Ashland, VA


"Best mag in the biz!" — LYNN BARTON, BARTON’S JEWELERS, STUART, FL 

"We love INSTORE. We share info and articles at our weekly staff meetings and take time to discuss what we’ve learned and ideas we’ve gotten from INSTORE. Thanks for a fabulous resource for our team!" — WHITNEY LANG, BURKES FINE JEWELERS, KILMARNOCK, VA

"As much as I think I know, I learn something new every time I pick up INSTORE." — David Mann Cyrkin, David Mann Jewelers, Geneseo, NY

"I absolutely love your magazine and would be at a complete loss if I did not have it to read!" — JANE JOHNSON, R.M. JOHNSON & SONS JEWELERS, SALEM, VA

"INSTORE never disappoints. So much vital info in each article that I've decided to make it required reading for our staff each month." — Missy Emrich, Steve's Custom Jewelers, Union City, TN

"Love the magazine!!It is required reading for our employees. The recent article about selling to particular types of customers will go into my sales training!" — Nathan George, Joshua's Fine Jewelry, Russellville, AR

"Always love reading INSTORE magazine! Only magazine that I read cover to cover!" — Laurelle Giesbrecht, French's Jewellery, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, CA

"Keep up the great work. You are the small independent’s main source and inspiration. A true look into what’s happening." — Dennis Petimezas, Watchmaker’s Diamonds & Jewelry Johnstown, PA

"This is my 40th year at the bench. Learned this business from my parents who were jewelers for 50 years. INSTORE is a unique publication that asks questions from many and in turn allows everyone to view the answers/opinions. It helps us to grow our business with this feedback. I might have the opportunity to chat with a fellow jeweler here in town on occasion, but through your surveys, I get to hear what many jewelers are thinking." — Teri Vogan, Vogan Gold & Silver Works, Colorado Springs, CO